Architectural Styles

Ever wondered what makes a house a certain style? Here are a few home plans explained.

Traditional – Traditional homes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They tend to be homey and comfortable, and are sometimes referred to as the “American Home Plan” because they accommodate the American way of life (flexible, practical, welcoming…).


Contemporary- Feature unusual open floor plans and are clean, simple, sleek and usually include over-sized windows and flat roofs.


Craftsman- Usually include shingle siding and stone detailing, and are known for artful details, and practical floor plans.


Gothic Revival- Popular in the US during 1840-1880, this style imitates the great cathedrals and castles in Europe (i.e. steeply pitched roofs, pointed arches).


Neoclassical- Inspired by Greece and Rome these homes are large with columns, and a symmetrical shape.


What’s your preferred house style? Let us know!

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