Black Friday


It’s the day after Thanksgiving and holiday shoppers are lined up early to scourge the best Black Friday deals. Here’s some history, stories, and alternative ideas this Black Friday!

According to useconomy Black Friday was coined in 1966 when the Philadelphia Police Department described the mayhem of shoppers after Thanksgiving. The traffic and congestion of people was so bad, that traffic jams and violence took place. And it seems Black Friday hasn’t changed much!

There have been several Black Friday horror stories, but here are some of the worst! According to a customer punched a security guard in the face because he thought he was skipping to the front of the line, when really he was just late for his shift. In 2011 a woman pepper sprayed a crowd to get a 60% off Wii at Walmart. And in another incident 2,000 people kicked down Walmart’s doors and trampled an employee to death. Unfortunately #Walmartfights has been a trending Black Friday hashtag. Perhaps a more humorous story would be an employee’s experience working at Target. The first people in the door having waited over 13 hours, left with what? A cart full of $2 towels! The employee shared that after his shift, they had shelves stocked with the towels. Bummer!

So perhaps you are not interested in braving the mall on Black Friday, but wouldn’t mind a good deal. What can you do? Shop online! Often the deals start a week in advance, so start shopping now! And if shopping isn’t your thing #optoutside. Last year, the Redwoods League offered free passes to over 49 California State Parks after REI encouraged people to #outoutside. The passes were “sold out” shortly after. This year the Redwoods League is continuing the tradition and designating November 25th #Green Friday. This year 116 California state parks will be open!

There are numerous ways to get into the holiday spirit. Maybe you crack open the eggnog, set up for Christmas & listen to carols.

What are your thoughts? Are you an avid Black Friday shopper or do you prefer to stay home and miss the rush? Let us know! We’d love to hear.

-The Parsons Team

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