Client Appreciation: Closing Statements

With almost a month of 2015 already over, now is the time people begin thinking about their 2014 taxes.

Here at The Parsons Real Estate Team we have a simple way to help our client’s from the past year.  We send them their closing statement from their real estate transactions.  This document is also referred to as a settlement statement or a HUD.  It is compiled by the escrow company at closing.  A closing statement is certainly not exclusive to Pasadena Real Estate or California Real Estate so your escrow company can provide this for you.

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At Keller Williams Realty we provide our clients with a CD containing scanned copies of our office file.  We retain our own copy of the CD and print their closing statement from the closing documents on the CD.

With a friendly note wishing them a wonderful 2015, this gesture is a great time to ask for referrals.  We remind our past clients of the contest we hold for those who give us referrals.  Each year we send the winning client on a trip.  Last year it was a cruise to Mexico.  It’s not hard to ask clients for referrals when there is a vacation on the line.

Tax season is a stressful time for many, especially first time home buyers.  Buying a home complicates filing your taxes and many people are unsure what they need to show their accountant.  Taking the guesswork out of the process by providing a closing statement for them demonstrates you are committed to provide the high level of service you gave during their transaction.

If you cannot find a copy of your closing statement talk to your real estate agent or escrow company.  They will be able to provide it for you.  Having your closing statement(s) ready to go will make your taxes easier for you & your accountant.

– Kelsey Robison and The Parsons Real Estate Team

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