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After watching The Holiday (a charming film from 2006 starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black), the idea of house swapping seemed like quite the adventure and the perfect travel accommodation. Imagine living for a year in Spain, The Netherlands, Brazil…! Sites like make it easy for people to select a destination, add listings, send and receive inquiries and travel the way they want. According to USAToday there are “10 Things You Need to Know About Home Swapping”.

1) How do you feel about house swapping? Would you be okay with strangers living in your house, using your towels, sleeping in your bed? Do you prefer to travel slowly and stay put for a while? House swapping may sound fun, but it is not for everyone.

2) House swapping websites are usually not free and require a annual membership fee. Do some research to see which one is best.

3) Are you planning a simultaneous exchange (staying in their house as they stay in yours), a non simultaneous exchange (staying at someone’s second home) or a hospitality exchange (staying at the house with them)?

4) Be clear about what you expect!!

5) House swapping is not just for homeowners, renters can often participate in home exchange too.

6) Search in advance! This is a big event, do not wait until the last minute to plan.

7) Decide if you want to swap cars.

8) Do research on potential swap partners.

9) Rest assured, house swapping is safe (phew!).

Where would you go? Let us know!

– Molly and the Parsons Team

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