How To Prepare Your Home For Inspection

How To Prepare Your Home For Inspection

Congrats! You have received an offer on your home, and the next step is a home inspection. Here are a few things you can do to get your home inspector ready!


1) Make sure all drains are working properly & there are no clogs. Try clog-remover products or call in a plumber if necessary.

2) Make sure all light bulbs are working, so the inspector does not assume it is an electrical problem.


3) Check cracks in windows or screens and think about replacing.

4) Make sure everything is capped (chimney, gas lines…)


5) Have clear access to key areas (basement, attic, water heater, air conditioning unit, chimney…)

6) Check smoke detectors to make sure they work.

7) Clean & replace HVAC  filters.

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