How To Make Your New House A Home

We understand, moving is emotional.  Leaving the place you’ve watched your baby take their first steps, saying goodbye to the garden you’ve meticulously maintained, or the kitchen you’re spent the last several years cooking Thanksgiving dinner in, is not easy. You’ve spent much of your time in this place and while moving can be exciting, it is also nostalgic and stressful. You are venturing from a familiar way of life to a new one!

Maybe you feel your house isn’t quite a home yet. Adjusting to a new environment takes time, but soon you’ll create new memories and a new routine. We’ve rounded up some tips on how to to help your house become a cozy and comfortable stay.


1) Have a positive attitude. Heather Caliri of The Happiest Home says to cultivate a “can-do” attitude. After moving, make a list of the things that need fixing or repairing and find ways to improve them. It could be as simple as switching out a lousy shower head, or changing a sticky lock. These small adjustments are helpful in making your place feel like home.

2) Don’t be afraid to ask for help! The unpacking and decorating shouldn’t all fall on you. The extra company and support during this time may be exactly what you need.

3) Add an area rug (specially if you have wood floors), colorful pillows, comfy throw blankets and wall art into your decor. Personalize your home by adding warm and welcoming touches.

3) After boxes are unpacked and you’re feeling more settled, invite people over! Host a potluck, housewarming party or maybe just a few friends. Start new memories.

4) Good lighting! Keep things bright and cheerful.

5) Is your house feeling stuffy? Open the windows and doors, and let as much sun and fresh air in as possible. Use a dehumidifier to remove access moisture in the room which will eliminate the possible growth of mold and mildew.

6) Don’t forget the smells! Bake cookies, brew coffee, light candles…  Certain aroma’s can unlock “feel-good” chemicals, aka endorphin’s, in your brain and improve your mood!

7) If you’ve moved out of the area, try making a list of closest conveniences. Finding new grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, post offices, gyms and shopping areas can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of dreading it, make it fun! Take a day to explore!  And remember, you’ll be able to locate the toothpaste isle in no time.

What have you found that’s helped make your new house a home? Let us know! We’d love to hear.

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