Picking The Right Paint Color For Your Home

Looking to sell your home, or just want to freshen up a room? The right paint color can make an enormous difference.

(This soft beige color is ideal for the relaxing master bedroom).

  • Before you commit to a paint color, consider the space and do a test patch. Light may alter paint color. Even with the same paint, your north-facing living room may look considerably different than your south-facing bathroom.
  • Don’t go too bright. Colorful paint may seem fun and lively, but if you’re trying to sell, it may distract potential buyers. Opt for neutral background colors that don’t steal the show.
  • Don’t have an exact paint color in mind? Zillow recommends you check out mistints, which could save hundreds of dollars. These are paints which have been specifically mixed for a customer but never picked up or returned. Try high end paint stores for mistints. You’ll not only get great quality but amazing discounts. Score!
  • Blues, greens and cooler palettes are good for bedrooms. They create a soft, calming effect. Reds, oranges and yellows on the other hand are “gathering” colors. Puji Sherer, President of Colorhouse Paint says, “They’re good to put in spaces like dining rooms or kitchens, where people sit around the table and share stories, or cook and eat together” (www.curbed.com).

(This “gathering” color is perfect for the dining room).

  • It’s a good idea to understand paint jargon. Barbara Jacobs of HGTV shares helpful terminology to describe color.

“Hue is what we call a color. Red is the hue; blue is the hue. The value of the hue is how light or dark it is. Saturation refers to how dominate the hue is. As we go from red to pink, the red hue becomes lessdominant. Intensity is the brilliance of the color. The pure colors such as red are more intense then the combined colors such as yellow-green. A stronger intense color usually has a more dominate hue” (www.hgtv.com).

Any great paint tips to add? Let us know! And if you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell, give us a call at (626) 204-3360 today!
-The Parsons Team

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